Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Child Psychiatrists & Psychologists In Calabasas

Are you in need of counseling from a psychologist in Calabasas? Have you been advised that you might need psychotropic drugs to augment your therapy treatments and need a local psychiatrist in Calabasas to make a final diagnosis and, if necessary, provide the prescription? Wilmes-Reitz Psychological practice includes individual, family, and couples counseling dealing with a wide range of issues, from basic IQ testing to cognitive-behavioral therapy in Calabasas. If you need to speak with an adult or child psychiatrist in Calabasas, we will be able to help you with that as well. Let us help you with all of your local area therapy needs, from eating disorders to marriage counseling in Calabasas or the surrounding areas, such as offering academic and school testing near Westlake Village.

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