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Why Therapy

Different people enter therapy for different reasons. Some are in crisis while others want to grow. In this section, we have listed a number of articles that address different reasons to enter therapy or address different fears about entering therapy.

Who Needs Therapy  lists statistics about the need for and improvement from therapy.

How Therapy Helps is a basic article about when people go to therapy, research about effectiveness, how to choose a therapist, etc.

The Women and Depression article chronicles the reasons more women choose to enter therapy.

The Consumer’s Report article summarizes a survey of 4,000 Consumer Reports readers who have been in therapy. It examines people’s satisfaction with therapy, compares therapy to medication, and compares satisfaction with different types of therapists.

Overcoming Resistance outlines 13 typical excuses why not to try therapy along with 13 reasons to try.

"Not a Chance" is a great article, written in “men-language,” for explaining the purpose of therapy.

Therapy Experience is an excerpt from a book that describes how therapy can help, from a more metaphorical perspective.

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