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Assessment Services

Organic Screening  Eating Disorder Screening
 Bender Eating Disorder Inventory (EDI)
 Weschler Memory 
Visual Motor Inventory
Trails A & B
Clock Drawing
Marital Screening Depression Screening
Mar. Satisfaction Inventory  Beck Depression
16 PF Marriage Counseling Report Beck Hopelessness
Taylor-Johnston Conjoint Profiles  Zung Self Rating
Cognitive Abilities  Personality Screening
Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale MMPI
Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children-IV
Learning Disability andADD/ADHD Assessment Personality Assessment
Weschler IQ MMPI 
Sentence Completion  Rorshach
Bender or VMI Kinetic Drawing
Connors’ Scale Sentence Completion Tests
Achenbach’s Checklist Draw a Person
Child Symptom Inventory House-Tree-Person
VADS Roberts Apperception Test
Classroom Observation Thematic Apperception Test
Kinetic Family Drawing
Trails A & B
Connors CPT-II
Trails A & B
Weschler Memory Scale
Rey Auditory Verbal Learning  
Woodcock-Johnston Cognitive
Woodcock-Johnston Achievement
Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills
Test of Visual Perceptual Skills
Gray Oral Reading Tests-Diagnostic





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