Why a  PhD?
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Why A Ph.D. ?

Training and Expertise
As Health Care Providers

No other mental health profession requires as high a degree of education and training in mental health as psychology. Accredited doctoral programs in clinical psychology, including practicums and internships at clinics and hospitals, take an average of 8 years to complete.

Accredited clinical psychology programs emphasize a basic core that includes biological, cognitive, emotional and social bases for human behavior, diagnostic evaluation and assessment, research, as well as intervention and treatment techniques.

Psychology has been at the forefront of the leading psychological and biological research of the mind/body interface, including the diagnosis of stress disorders, neurological impairments, brain disease and psychosomatic illnesses.

Diagnostic tests performed by psychologists and neuro-psychologists are state-of-the-art tools. Increasingly, physicians and other health care professionals turn to psychologists for their diagnostic capabilities.

Increasing numbers of psychologists are providing education and training in diagnosis and treatment for residents, interns and students in the field of internal medicine, family practice, neurology, obstetrics, oncology, pediatrics, physical medicine and rehabilitation, as well as trainees in other fields.





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