Crisis Count Down
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Crisis Count Down

Watching your marriage crumble or getting the ax at work is bad enough. But there's also the
potential for nasty psychological fallout--your risk of depression soars after a stressful

Hoping to sort out the interplay of genes and the environment in depression, researchers at
the Medical College of Virginia studied more than a thousand pairs of female twins. While they
found evidence for genetic susceptibility, stressful life events posed a far greater danger.
Here's how the likelihood of depression rises following common traumatic incidents.

Event Increase in Risk of Depression

Death of close relative 1,500%
Assault 1,400
Serious marital problem 1,130
Divorce/breakup 1,130
Serious trouble getting along
with close relative
Job loss 580
Serious illness of close relative 390
Loss of confidante 390
Serious illness 330
Major financial problem 150





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