Sexual Assalt
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Sexual Assault Questionnaire

Separating Myth From Fact

Read each statement then circle “M” if you think it represents a Myth, or circle “F”  if you believe the statement represents a Fact.

M   F   1.   A women is more likely to be raped if she is in her prime, beautiful and wearing  sexy clothing.

M   F   2.   Rapists are mostly mentally ill or sex maniacs.

M   F   3.    Rape is an impulsive or spontaneous act (not planned in advance).

M   F   4.    Most people know the person who raped them.

M   F   5.    Rape usually occurs in isolated places, like parks or alleys. late at night.

M   F   6.    Most rape victims report the crime to police.

M   F   7.    Rape is mainly a big city crime, taking place mostly in low income areas.

M   F   8.    Many women secretly want to be raped or do not really care if it happens to    them.

M   F   9.     Women often make false reports of rape to get back at their boyfriends.

M   F   10.   Men can be raped by other men but not by women.

M   F   11.   Married women can be raped by their husbands.

M   F   12.    Rape is just a strange way of expressing sexual desire.

M   F   13.    Women who are raped typically have asked for it by leading men on.

M   F   14.    Sometimes rape is just an honest mistake because when women say “No”  they usually mean “Yes”.

M   F   15.    Women who resist or fight back against an assailant only risk further injury in addition to rape.

M   F   16.    Most rape victims have the support of family members and close friends    helping them through the emotional crises.

Answers ...

M        1.   The Perpetrator’s presumption of control and the victim’s vulnerability (accessibility) are the determining factors.

M        2.    To the contrary.  Most rapists are “average guys we know”.

M        3.     Also to the contrary.  Rapes are planned in advance.

F        4.     Most people do know the person who raped them.  Sixty to 80% of teens and young adults know their assailants.

M        5.     Rape usually occurs in or near the victims home, car or places often  frequented.

M        6.     Most rape victims do not report the crime to police, many don’t even tell  their friends.  With education and support this trend is beginning to reverse, however.

M        7.      Rape occurs in all neighborhoods, communities and across socioeconomic, ethnic and racial boundaries;  although the visibility  of the offense may vary. 

M        8.     Nobody wants to be humiliated.

M        9.     The consequences of reporting rape or other forms of sexual assault are most often traumatic in their own right, and therefore, if anything, actual offenses go unreported.

M        10.     Both the physical realities of rape and the lessor physical and social power  afforded women to make the rape of men by women a myth.

F          11.    Rape is any unwanted sexual intercourse.  Being married doesn’t change that fact.  (However, the majority of states do not outlaw spousal rape.)

M        12.    Rape is about control and subjugating, not about sexual expression.

M        13.    Nobody asks to be assaulted.  The rapist is responsible for the act. 

M        14.    When women say “No” they typically mean “No”.  If one is not sure, it can never hurt to take her at face value.

M        15.    Women who have been trained to respond to assailants are at much less risks than those who have not.

M        16.     Most rape victims still risk being re-victimized by the “system”  and friends and family who cannot separate myths from facts about rape and other forms sexual assault.





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