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What Makes Us Different?

Three things make us extra-ordinary as compared to most other practices. They are our commitment to a group model, our level of training, and our treatment philosophy.

Wilmes-Reitz Psychological is a group practice. As such, we can offer many benefits a “solo” practitioner cannot. First, we have more ability to match the right therapist to you. With multiple therapists, we will probably have someone who is available at times convenient to you and we will probably have someone who is well versed with your particular issues. In addition, we have the capacity to treat multiple family members in-house. We have child therapists and couple therapists as well as individual therapists. By having the “whole system” in house, we can do a better job at coordinating the family treatment. Another benefit has to do with regular “case consult” meetings. While we don’t share identifying or personal information, each therapist has the resource of the whole group when confronted with unique problems or need for resource information.

As to level of training, we have mostly doctoral-level therapists in our group. We chose this policy so that we could offer only the highest level of treatment. After all, to work with someone’s psyche and to effect their lives is a great responsibility.

Our treatment philosophy centers around respect for our patients and their needs. We have a commitment to give careful and conscientious treatment, this is not just a money mill. In addition, we respect our patient’s individuality, tailoring the treatment to who they are, not to third party influences. We are also aware that a lack of respect and sensitivity is part of what creates psychological damage and by bringing these qualities to the therapy relationship healing can take place. In this way we strive to help the common good, one person at a time.

About Our Staff

Wilmes-Reitz Psychological

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