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Child Symptom Checklist

Does your child exhibit any of these symptoms?

    tearful     often worries
    sad     tense
    easily upset     nervous/jittery
    nightmares     persistent thoughts
    easily fatigued     easily distracted
    often tired     impulsive
    oversleeping      hyperactive
    low concentration     interrupts
    irritable     temper outbursts
    mood swings     doesn’t listen
    confused      fighting
    low frustration     conduct problems
    memory loss     suspended often
    angry/hostile     nausea
    headaches     blackouts
    weight loss     hearing problems
    weight gain     balance problems
    academic problems     suicidal thoughts
    uses drugs/alcohol      argues/stubborn
    immature     clingy/dependent
    shy/timid     motor/speech tics

Demonstration of any of these symptoms might be cause for concern.  Consult with your pediatrician and consider psychological counseling.

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